Kids Club

Kids Club

Armonia Hotel is designed to provide holidaymakers with an unforgettable experience. Recognized as an ideal destination for families with children, Armonia Hotel offers a specially designed Kids Club service to make children’s holidays even more enjoyable.

What are the activities of the Armonia Hotel Kids Club?

Armonia Hotel Kids Club offers a variety of fun activities for children, enhancing their holidays and fostering creativity and social skills. Among the Kids Club activities are arts and crafts, music, dance, mini disco, swimming, and pool games.

Arts and Crafts: Children can participate in various arts and crafts projects that help develop their skills. Activities include painting, drawing, modeling, and handicrafts.

Music and Dance: Through music and dance lessons, children can enhance their sense of rhythm and improve their physical coordination.

Mini Disco: Kids can have fun dancing at mini disco parties. These activities provide an environment where children can release energy and have an enjoyable time.

Swimming and Pool Games: Armonia Hotel’s pools serve as a fun play area for children. Pool games not only enhance children’s swimming skills but also allow them to enjoy the water to the fullest.